Divorce Lawyers

Are you going through turmoil in your relationship and do not know where to turn? Our team of qualified divorce lawyers at GS&T can offer the personal guidance required during such difficult times. We believe every divorce case is unique. You, along with your family, require special attention at such tough times. We make sure that you feel supported throughout while ensuring that all your rights remain protected throughout the challenging divorce process.

Rely on our experienced team of family law attorneys to offer guidance through all possible aspects of the entire divorce process. In any divorce case, there can be several types of complicated issues –including receiving monies to which you are entitled and others. If there are children in the relationship, spousal and child support issues, property issues, companies and the entire set of legal issues can be highly challenging. If you feel overwhelmed with all of these, our team of experienced divorce lawyers can help!

Contact Our Family Lawyers for Professional Divorce Help

Due to the emotional nature of a divorce case, it is imperative to ensure an objective advocate assist you in the process. While it is preferred to negotiate issue resolution that arises out of a separation case, our divorce lawyers are also prepared to go to the court whenever the need arises to fight for your rights. We are also experienced in assisting clients with uncontested, desk order divorces to save you the headache of having to manage the process yourself, while keeping costs low by utilizing our experienced administrative teams to assist in the process.

Our qualified divorce lawyers in Abbotsford will offer in-depth guidance throughout the divorce process in a highly timely as well as cost-effective way while advocating for your case as & when need them. Contact Us now to know more!

In addition to divorce mattes, the lawyers at GS&T can assist in all matters pertaining to family law, including but not limited to:

  • Parenting issues
  • Spousal and Child Support
  • Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP)
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development matters (CFCSA/protection issues)
  • Relocation applications