Marijuana Lawyers

Here at GS&T Legal, we have a team of experienced marijuana lawyers to assist you with running your cannabis business – right from regulatory support to legal planning, compliance strategies, and any guidance that you might require. Our team of experienced marijuana lawyers have assisted a number of marijuana businesses and independent growers, since before the transition to the new ACMPR. Our partner Tonia Grace held an integral part in Allard V Canada 2016 FC 236, alongside well-known marijuana lawyer John W. Conroy, Q.C. in challenging the constitutionality of the new ACMPR prohibiting medically approved patients from being able to produce for themselves or designate a grower.

GS&T – a Trusted Legal Group for the Marijuana Industry

Drawing upon the immense expertise of our highly educated marijuana lawyers Abbotsford, GS&T delivers comprehensive legal solutions to the clients involved in the cannabis sector on a wide range of legal specifications.

Being one of the leading legal advisors in Canada, we have always been at the forefront of the recent rise of the Canadian cannabis industry. Our expertise lies in, but is not limited to:

  • Bylaw enforcement
  • Discrimination
  • Dispensaries
  • MMPR applications
  • Medical marijuana compliance
  • Medical marijuana processors and producers
  • Municipal/zoning issues
  • Strategic litigation
  • Law reform